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About Us

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Athens, Greece 2013

Arizona 2023


We are the Vasileiadis Family! 

Antony, Evelyn, Leonidas (8th Grader), and Alexander (5th Grader)


Every one of us is a Greek Citizen!  

Every one of us is an American Citizen!

And most of all... Every one of us is first and foremost a

Citizen of Heaven!


Antony, Leonidas, and Alexander were born in Thessaloniki, Greece.  Evelyn was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts to Greek parents. We all speak Greek fluently.  Mom and Dad are 4th generation Greek Protestant/Evangelical Christians making the boys 5th generation.  We lived 10 years as a family in Greece before we moved back to the States in 2015.  While living in Greece, five of those years, we worked for Anatolia College and lived on campus as Directors and support for the Boarding House for children 12 years of age to 18 who were elite in their academics.  A school that started with Missionaries from America whose forefathers were Evelyn’s grandfather’s adopted parents.  


We have been organizing and leading Mission Trips and Tours of Greece since 2003, over 20 years, which inspired us to start Inspearnations Ministry.  It was birthed out of our desire to

make our travels official and to reach Greece and those who travel with us to

•know God is real on a deeper and personal level,

•visit the places the Apostle Paul and Apostle John ministered to, and

•volunteer our talents and resources to the local churches and ministries reaching people for Jesus.

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